Problem Downloading for English speaking users
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Problem Downloading

Сообщение einarkol »

Hi all !

I tryed to download the GCode extension for Inkscape but with no awail.

Could any one of you guy´s eMail með the Extension as an Attachment please ?

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Re: Problem Downloading

Сообщение NightV »

Hi einarkol wave .
Gcodetools is already built into Inkskape.
check the new release of Inkskape
Всё просто! если знаешь КАК!
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Re: Problem Downloading

Сообщение aaronellensburg »

This is what I am unable to find ... =view&mt=1

Is there a step by step to install the extensions, python information into inkscape with the end result having the actual G-Code tools available like above?
Inkscape Version 0.91, 32 bit installed on windows O/S XPPro x86

I have attempted to install/uninstalled python several times with no success.

I also know Gcode is included in inkscape extensions BUt this is all I can find.
Any help in the correct direction is appreciated.


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