suggessting extension: inner/outer edge for English speaking users
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suggessting extension: inner/outer edge

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right after i wrote my post on crown gears i got the idea that one should write an extension which creates a milling edge around the inner or outer edge of an object depending on the tool width.
that plugin would create another object (just like it's done with the area) which surrounds the original object. this would give me the ability to work witch much more precision.

since i never wrote an inkscape extension i'd say i'm unable to do this :( so.. can u?
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Re: suggessting extension: inner/outer edge

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You can try this: Ctrl+Alt+J (create linked offset) it will make another object, then press ctl+shift+x and make offset in desired space then covert it to path.
Or you can try adding G41 or G42 in gcode manually, i never succeded with this... Or try dxf2gcode. Save DXF from inksacpe, use dx2gocde and try - there is option for cutter compensation.

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