Area engraving for English speaking users
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Area engraving

Сообщение narvf »

How to calculate correctly how many "Maximum area cutting curves" do i need? Not too much becase last lines will overlap in the same place...
In area width i set width of my rectangle for example, tool overlap - how far overlapping will be 0.4 ie.
area.png (7991 просмотр) <a class='original' href='./download/file.php?id=33876&sid=8b9f8e44d3533837b6e038c7b45fd96d&mode=view' target=_blank>Загрузить оригинал (22.17 КБ)</a>
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Re: Area engraving

Сообщение Nick »

area width is a kind of hack to determine how many paths should be created...
right now inkscape opens api for some it's internal functions, so may be in some not far future we will redesign area function.

Tool overlap lies in [0..1], 1 - full overlap, 0 - no overlap. So actual cutting pass is tooldiameter*(1-overlap)

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