Gearcode, emc, and me for English speaking users
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Gearcode, emc, and me

Сообщение rray »

Maybe you can suggest new settings to fix this
I used gearcode and gcodetools to produce ngc files for 10 and 20 tooth gears
I modified for tool offset and cut the gears with no problem
When I create a 30 tooth gear and add tool offset code emc gives
"Near line 51 of /home/rray/gear_30.ngc: Straight feed in concave corner cannot be reached by tool without gouging"
Using Emc 2.4.6 and your latest gears-dev.tar.gz
I am very new to cnc so all suggestions are welcome

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Re: Gearcode, emc, and me

Сообщение Nick »

Your problem is all about tool's radius compensation.

Firstly, radius compensation is really complicated problem, and it's really hard to solve it.

Secondly, there's a point for EMC2 to stop executing the program if it faces with strange place. Because there's non zero probability that it could follow to break the part or even the whole machine.
And such situation comes up if EMC2 can not reach a line or an arc with given compensation radius.
EMC2 G41 G42 compensation problem.png (9351 просмотр) <a class='original' href='./download/file.php?id=1109&sid=5cebf09afabd0f8024f31fb7d1916c09&mode=view' target=_blank>Загрузить оригинал (21.15 КБ)</a>
As they say at the EMC2 mailing list if you meet such error the tool's radius compensation should be made by CAM program.

So, all you need to do is: select your gear, then pres Ctrl+J to make it dynamic offset. Open XML editor by pressing Ctrl+Shift+X, and change inkscape:radius value to your tool's radius in px. 1 inch = 90 px so for 0.125inch it would be 11.250px. Then convert the path back to path from dynamic offset by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C. And export it to Gcode with out using tool's radius compensation.
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Re: Gearcode, emc, and me

Сообщение Dmawzx »

А можно ответ на этот вопрос по русски :)
Если я правильно понял, то кривую надо порезать на мелкие отрезки из прямых линий.
У меня такая же проблема: Arc move in concave corner cannot be reached by the tool without gouging
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Re: Gearcode, emc, and me

Сообщение flin8558 »

anyone can help to convert this pdf to g code
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