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GRBL for bsmceo4u board

Добавлено: 21 сен 2020, 08:45
I'm building a cnc and look for some activity for STM32 implemenation. I bought a bsmceo4u board some time ago but in the meanwhile I don't want to use Mach3 for my machine. The board has a stm32f103rct6 processor and a GRBL implementation is already done. I also found out that there exists two soldering near the processor thats the ST Link interface. I started the investigation of analyzing the schematics. I will share it at github if there exists some interessed in this topic. Hope to find here someone who also wants to run GRBL at this board.
There exists some more boards with some simular layout (e.g. STB4100, STB5100,...)

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Re: GRBL for bsmceo4u board

Добавлено: 21 сен 2020, 19:21
I connected the ST Link to the board but I got a read protection...