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I am new here.
My name is Ron and I live in France.
I bought a CNC 2417 engraving machine kit from China, which I assembled & have got working.
My OS is Linux Kubuntu 18.04
I am using Inkscape 0.92 with Grbl Controller 3.6.1
Also, CAMotics 1.1.1 to check the G-code created by the Gcodetools extension in Inkscape.
Inkscape > Extensions > Gcodetools > displays a drop-down menu containing 11 options beginning with About and ending with Tools library ...
When I click on Check for updates in that drop-down menu, a pop-up window displays:
There is a newer version of Gcodetools you can get it at: (English version).
So, I downloaded extensions.tar.gz
When I unpacked it I got gcode_tools.inx &
I have copied gcode_tools.inx & to .config > inkscape > extensions
Then I re-started Inkscape
Now I still see Extensions > Gcodetools with its sub-menu containing 11 options,
but Extensions now also includes another option below Gcodetools which is GCODE tools without a submenu.
Notice different names Gcodetools and GCODE tools
When I go to Extensions > Gcodetools > Check for updates, it still says there is a newer version available.
Help! Please tell me what I am doing wrong?
BTW - Thank you for very much creating and supporting Gcodetools extension for Inkscape, it is wonderful.
I uninstalled & reinstalled Inkscape v0.92
I now see that Gcodetools v1.7 is included with Inkscape v0.92
When I click on Extensions > Gcodetools > Check for updates > Apply
it says there is a newer version available.
This is misleading, because according to this website v1.7 is the latest stable version.
So, I shall ignore this.
However, I now have another problem.
After using Gcodetools > Tools library, then Gcodetools > Orientation points
When I use Gcodetools > Path to Gcode
it creates a file which only contains a header and footer, no G-code for the object.
v1.7 just creates a file containing a header and footer only.
Help! Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

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