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Gcode for drilling with DXF points not working

Добавлено: 12 апр 2017, 03:51
Thanks for the Gcodetools for Inkscape. I'm using the version 1.7 provided for Inkscape 0.91 r13725 in Ubuntu 16.04 package. I draw circles with 5mm diameter with no stroke paint.
I'm trying to obtain drilling points with "DFX points" (with save shape or draw arrow). The problem is that I don't obtain a point but a path for the bit. No file created with the "DFX point" only the log file (see attachment).
I have tried to save as a dxf file : the cnc trace the arrows ...
So I tried to generate Gcode but I have this error :
File "gcodetools.py", line 6753, in <module>
File "/usr/share/inkscape/extensions/inkex.py", line 268, in affect
File "gcodetools.py", line 6677, in effect
File "gcodetools.py", line 4631, in path_to_gcode
mind = min( [curve[0][1] for curve in curves] )
ValueError: min() arg is an empty sequence
So what I'm doing wrong ? I think that I should obtain the good file when I apply the DXF fonction but this file seems to be not created (only the log file is).
Thanks for your help, regards,