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GCodeTools Engraving questions.

Добавлено: 08 окт 2016, 17:50
First - Thanks for the gcode extension. It is quite a nice tool. Trying to teach myself both Inkscape and CNC machining, this extension has helped greatly.

Now to the questions.
Is there a english version of the gcode manual available? Downloadable or HTML?

Setup: converted a bitmap to path (sample svg attached) the path is shown as double line surrounding stroke.
Question: Is there a way to force gcodetools engraving to cut the stroke rather than follow the paths?

Setup: I have been trying to read the documentation to setup the cylinder cutter tool; so far no joy. I continuously get "cutter has no shape" error message. Cutter is a 1/64th inch (.03125 inch) carbide end mill. Ref. question above the cut needs to be .03125 NOT .0625.
Question: What is the easiest way to define the tool with spindle speeds, diameter, shape, feed rates etc?

Setup: Using a MaxNC-15 3-Axis machine with 0,0 coordinates on the lower left of the table (as you are looking at this machine)
Question: Does gcodetools accept a defined X,Y zero point or is that set in Inkscape?

Does anyone know a good resource or machinist's manual to determine cut depth/feed rates?

I am enjoying the challenges presented by CNC, but a little guidance can go a long way. :twisted:

Thanks to everyone in advance.