Circles being generated in g code for English speaking users
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Circles being generated in g code

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Hi all,
I'm trying to create G-code using the latest version of Inkscape. After I complete the following steps and open my ngc file in Mach3 i can see the image but there circles around this object.
The following are the steps I completed to produce this file.
1) Create text ABC
Select image
Status: text (scan-serf, 90.00 px) in layer 1
2) Object then Group
Status: Group of 1 Object selected
3) Path then Object to Path
Status: Group of 1 Object in Layer 1
4) Extensions then GCodetools

If you need any supporting documentation please let me know.

A: Tool Library
Selected cylinder
Apply (Created Green Box and moved outside of document area)
ID cylinder cutter 0001
Diameter 10
Feed 400
Penetration Angle 90
Penetration Feed 100
Depth Step 1
Tool change (None)
B: G-Code Orientation
Re-Selected Object
Status: Group of 1 Object in Layer 1
Selected 2-point mode
Z Surface = 0.00000
Z Depth = -1.00000
Units = mm
Apply (parameters at bottom of document)
(0.0; 0.0; 0.0) (100.0; 0.0; -1.0)
C: Path to G-Code
Re-Selected Object
Status: Group of 1 Object in Layer 1
Preference Tab
File: Test1.ngc
Check - add numeric suffix to file name
Directory: C:\desktop
Z Safe Height: 5.00000
Units: mm
Post processor: Round all values to 4 digits
Path to G-Code Tab
Biarc interpolation tolerance: 1.00000
Maximum Splitting Depth: 4
Cutting Order: Subpath to Subpath
Depth and d
Check - Sort path to reduse rapid distance

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