Help please - Newbie to Gcode tools for English speaking users
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Help please - Newbie to Gcode tools

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I am having some trouble with the area generation and have attached a gcode file to this post as the example. What happens when I generate the Gcode, is that I get multiple copies of the same path and the file when processing goes around and around following the same path, the number of passes does not seem to be regular or a pattern that I can follow. Could someone please review the gcode file attached and tell me what I am doing wrong.
I have tried all of the path creation options, path by path subpath by subpath, and whatever I change seems to make no difference to the multipass code that is created.

When the file has finished, in the attached example, the numbers are considerably smaller than I expected.

I am sorry if this is and or has been answered in a different forum, I could not seem to find an answer.

Many thanks for any assistance.

PS: Nick I seem to have PM'ed you rather than posting on the forum Sorry.
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