Orientation points wrong in inkscape 0.92

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Orientation points wrong in inkscape 0.92

Сообщение jimwelmhurst » 27 июн 2017, 09:06

Thanks for this wonderful set of tools, Nick!

In inkscape 0.92, orientation points are located incorrectly. (They're fine in 0.91.) If I say to set up in mm, the right hand point is marked as 100, but it's physically located at X=354.3mm. In 0.92 they changed DPI from 90 to 96, but that doesn't explain this error.

The good news is that by double clicking into the orientation point object, selecting the right hand sub object, and setting its X coordinate at 100 (or whatever), it works correctly, and gcode generation works fine.

Is this a problem in the orientation point script or in inkscape? I've seen a couple of bugs reported about this (and found the workaround of moving the right hand point in one of those posts).

Thanks again for all your good work!

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